How to Use Mobius Pre/Post Mode

How to set up Mobius Pre/Post

If you own Mobius, you’ve seen the Stereo In/Out – Pre/Post switch on the rear of the unit, and the PRE/POST setting in the preset menu.  Do you know exactly what this Pre/Post feature is for, and how to use it? If you are a little fuzzy on the details, read on, and then check out the video below!

The position of a modulation effect in a signal chain can drastically change the sound that comes out of the amp. If you have ever tried a wah pedal, a chorus, or a flanger in front of a fuzzed-out distortion pedal and then tried moving the same effect after the distortion pedal, you know that there is a big difference in the resulting sound. The internally selectable PRE/POST setting on Mobius allows you to experiment with the position of Mobius in the signal chain without repatching cables or reordering effects in your pedalboard, and this setting can be saved on a per-patch basis.

Here’s how to do it:

Using Mobius Pre/Post with your Guitar Pedals

Using Mobius Pre/Post with your Amplifier

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  1. Hi, I just bought a Gigrig 2 pedal board, partly because it works with midi and means you can, in theory, recall a patch on any midi pedal. I found out from Gigrig that Strymon pedals cannot receive patch changing data from other pedals, which means that you have to take the midi patch per pedal that is automatically assigned to i.e the timeline or bigsky and change those patches. Personally, I don’t believe The Gigrig (Daniel Steinhardt/ Joe) I believe that it is their pedal board that is at fault. I thought you ought to know this as they are actively saying that Strymon is at fault and the midi functionality to change patches to any patch, as long as you assign it, is not available in Strymon pedals.

  2. Hi Lee. Strymon pedals do receive program patch change information, but you can’t map the presets. What you can do is copy and paste the presets. I’ve posted a video on our Facebook page, contact me directly if you need any more info. Cheers Lee

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