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On Tour: Run River North

Run River North at Bear Mountain
Since their formation in 2011 (under their former moniker, Monsters Calling Home), Los Angeles locals Run River North have been having quite a lot of fun, and we’re glad to have been able to come along for the ride for some of it. In case you are new to the band: Thanks to their habit of filming their music videos inside of their Honda automobiles, Honda took notice and surprised them in 2012 by secretly booking them for a performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and then made a Honda ad out of the caper. If you are already familiar with Run River North, then you have had the chance to enjoy their first self-titled album (where they shine as a group), as well as the opportunity to get to know just how delightful they all are as individuals. They have just released their second album, Drinking from a Salt Pond, and if you see them coming to your town, buy a ticket! Lots of glorious sounds and wonderful smiles are guaranteed.

Run River North at Teragram Ballroom

Daniel Chae
, guitarist for Run River North, shared how he is using his El Capistan and Flint on tour.

“Strymon, oh Strymon. I’ve recently been obsessed with gear lately, configuring and reconfiguring and reconfiguring, prepping for this upcoming tour. I’ve probably watched well over 300 hours of pedal videos online and reconfigured my “dirt” section well over twenty times, cycling through the countless number of overdrives, transparent drives, heavier gain pedals that live in our world. The only pedals that have remained true have been the El Capistan and the Flint. The former drives the verb. Running two amps (a wet and a dry), I run the left-out on the Cap into the Flint, the right-out into my dry amp (60s Univox). This allows me to push the Flint pretty hard, adding for a unique stereo effect for our front of house to play with, especially when the tremolo is kicked on. Besides that, Cap settings are a quarter delay, spring at 12 o’clock, a 1 o’clock db boost. I absolutely love the spring reverb on the Flint, color knob around 2. I could not be happier with these two guys.”

Daniel Chae and Sally Kang of Run River North


Jennifer Rim, violinist for Run River North, shared how she is using her blueSky and OB.1 on tour.

“STRYMON! The game changer to my knowledge of tone/sound. I first used the blueSky pedal just for reverb, but the unique effects that are able to be used for more than just a reverb allowed me to sink into the dreamland of what pedals are and how they can enhance the sound of my violin. My constant mindset and goal is to use this pedal to create sounds that people wouldn’t expect to hear on the violin; let alone not even realize certain parts I play in a song are from the violin. For example, I love the effect I use for one of our songs ‘Seven’. When I switch on the shimmer and turn up the decay and mix knob, it gives a sort of theatrical effect that reminds me of watching a film in IMAX. Took me by surprise that my violin can produce such a tone. The OB.1, which is another pedal I always have on, gives me the control to max or minimize the volume for every song we play. It’s great because I can lower my violin to accompany another instrument in the band or I can use it to boost the level up when I’m playing a solo. It’s always an exciting feeling when creating new tones and effects. I still continue to explore with these two pedals and am more than content with what they offer.”

Jennifer Rim of Run River North


Below is a little photo gallery of Run River North’s recent run through Los Angeles, ending in a sold out record release show at Teragram Ballroom. Thank you to our volunteer photographer, Jack Heine, for all these wonderful pictures.

February 19, 2016 – First Stop: KX 93.5, Laguna Beach.

Alex Hwang, Jennifer Rim, and John Chong from Run River North did an interview and performed 2 songs. And you can still hear it all here!

February 24, 2016 – Second Stop: KCSN, Los Angeles.

Run River North visited Sky Daniels with KCSN and did an interview and performance. Check it out here.

February 25, 2016 – Third Stop: Amoeba Records, Hollywood.

Anytime you are visiting Los Angeles, don’t forget to check who is playing a free show at Amoeba Records. You won’t be disappointed. Luckily we have got to check out Run River North twice at Amoeba Records. It is such a treat and afterwards you get to buy records.

February 28, 2016 – Fourth Stop: KROQ Storms Bear Mountain, Big Bear.

Off to another free show in Big Bear. Where everyone was kept warm by the energetic set from Run River North. Nothing like fresh mountain air and a good band.

March 1, 2016 – Fifth Stop: Sold Out Record Release Show at Teragram Ballroom, Los Angeles.

Teragram Ballroom has exploded on the L.A. venue scene as the place to be and for good reason. It’s a beautiful venue. Run River North and the L.A. fans filled the venue with explosive energy.

A big thank you to Run River North for letting us document their L.A. journey. Now go see if they are playing in your town 😀

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