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Sound on Sound Looping with Volante

Sound on Sound with Magnetic Personality

One of the most engaging, fun, and potentially hypnotizing features that Volante has to offer is the way it allows you to effortlessly create dynamic loops that degrade and evolve. Depending on how you set Volante’s sound sculpting controls, pretty soon after you start looping, what may have begun as a few simple notes on a guitar or keyboard will naturally morph into an ambient soundscape, perhaps bearing little obvious relationship to the original input signal! It’s kind of like starting off on a walk down your own street and a few steps later finding yourself floating through the Horsehead Nebula.

In Volante’s Sound on Sound mode, you can change the loop direction at the touch of a footswitch, press and hold PAUSE for a mechanical tape stop effect, or change the speed of your loop while simultaneously changing the pitch in octave increments. You can find an inspiring sound while in Echo mode, and all your echoes will remain intact when you engage Sound on Sound. The loop degrades and evolves naturally (as sound-on-sound tape loops do). When you feel that your loop has reached the perfect state of mutation, you can engage Infinite mode to stop further loop degradation, creating an infinite loop while disengaging the loop record head. Then you can play over the loop without any further overdubbing (without your new input adding to the loop). Check out the video below to hear Volante’s Sound on Sound mode in action, and see how it works!

Playing with this pedal makes me want to listen to Evening Star by Robert Fripp and Brian Eno! What kind of music does it make you think of? What kind of music does it make you feel like creating?

About Matt Piper
Matt Piper writes words and makes videos for Strymon. He plays guitar and a variety of other instruments but sucks at drums and a much larger variety of other instruments. He also makes electronic noises and teaches Fundamentals of Synthesis at the Los Angeles College of Music in Pasadena, California.

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  1. Strymon is truly one of the most sought after guitar pedals, especially in my genre. Any pedal that makes you want to play guitar is a great pedal.

  2. Andre Hajnal says:

    This is a beautiful sounding pedal, so much to offer with sound on sound loop heaven. Have a 2012 PRS P22 playing the Volante stereo out to a PRS Archeon 50w and a Rock doctor 18w tube running mostly clean, with a Carl Martin Wah2 and Riverside in between all powered by zuma. Unreal fun.

  3. Zack Orr says:

    Is there a way to control Volante looper functions with an external pedal? If so, what functionality can be controlled?

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