Strymon Song Elements – El Capistan dTape Echo

Ever wondered what it would sound like to use one Strymon pedal across different instruments in a song? We answer that in our latest video series, Strymon Song Elements. Each episode, we create a short song and show you how we use Strymon pedals to craft each part.

Today we feature El Capistan dTape Echo on this 1980s synth pop inspired track.  

For this installment, we used the Teenage Engineering OP-1 to lay down the main melody you hear throughout the song. We then lay down some chords beneath that with the Oberheim Matrix-6, also using El Capistan. For the guitar riff, we used Iridium to give us a mic’d amp and cab sound before running into El Capistan. Finally, we used a Wurlitzer 200A to create the last dreamy outro.

But enough of my description — hear the finished version for yourself below:

We hope that with this series we can help inspire you with different ideas for using your Strymon pedals across every part of your music, from guitars and bass to synths and more!

If you have questions about these or any other Strymon products, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected].

Have an idea for a blog or a question about Strymon, our products, or effects in general? Let us know!

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  1. Thanks
    Not a complaint, but a cry for help!
    I have the Iridium. I love it, but want to love it more, if you catch my drift!?! I have the manual for programming and have watched numerous videos. Still not sure if I’m setting it right. Keep going back to factory settings, then reprogramming. I know I’m missing something! Can you help?

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