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Strymon TimeLine – a preview

Coming soon. TimeLine.

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Strymon TimeLine

Strymon TimeLine - rear

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351 Responses

  1. man, I am going to need a special direct deposit savings account in order to keep up with you guys! Lex and Timeline look like must haves for my arsenal… Ugh. What is the price point for each? Thanks for the super duper pedal designs. You guys really make incredible sounding effects.

  2. aaaaaaaar you’ve trained in cruelty haven’t you?

    you’re evil, but you’re geniuses.

    I suppose you’re going to release the details on syllable at a time aren’t you?

  3. I have Damage Control’s TimeLine, yet this looks like something completely different… I hope this is also a looper.

  4. Great work guys! Looks great!! Any plans to put an line/inst level switches on it? Would be useful even though your input stage is better than most!

  5. It looks like they crammed the SHARC processors from the Brigadier and El Cap w/ a built-in favorite switch into a bigger form factor and played around with the DSP. I like the MIDI i/o and the “banks”. If this is anything at all like their other products, it will be a winner for sure. Kind of sad though, I was hoping for the resurrection of tube-based efx under the Damage Control moniker.

  6. @Chris – TimeLine gives you the Single head sliding dTape machine, with full control over each parameter. El Capistan does offer additional tape machine types and modes. Thanks!

  7. I have a couple of questions for you:

    1. Will you be taking pre-orders for this item?
    2. Is there an MSRP yet?
    3. In dual delay mode can each delay be assigned a different note value and both have independent controls respectively?

  8. Hey guys! This looks awesome! I’m definitely getting one…now all I need to do is leave the right sized space on my board. Any way you could post the dimensions of this thing?

  9. Wow!! This is wonderful news. It is an understatement to say I’ve been enjoying my Damage Control TimeLine immensely. Every time you Strymon cats have elicited feedback, I’ve spoken up for a re-issue of the TimeLine, so thanks for listening (not that you didn’t already have that plan all along…). Seems you listen very well!!

    I’m happy to see the “duck” feature on this new TimeLine. That is one feature I would love on my Damage Control pedal. Guess I’ll have to buy the new TimeLine. Good thing it is also stereo in/out, so I can run both new and old TimeLines in series* 😉

    * after my Orbit

  10. I’m most interested in what we can do with this pedal’s looper. I really hope it could process loops and effects at the same time.

  11. @Kevin – we will have more info on the looper soon. You will be able to use the looper and the delay at the same time. Thanks!

  12. There is now an envelope in my top drawer with $449 in it labeled “timeline”. Not kidding. I Was about 2 days from ordering an el cap…

  13. ^^ That’s great to hear.

    I’m wondering though, will the tap-tempo function of the TimeLine be like the Brig & ElCap? (As in, will the repeats drop out while tapping?)

    Also, can you speak about tap accuracy? Curious whether it will average all taps or just a limited number…

  14. will there be an option to use an external tap pedal through the expression input? also, will sound cut out when entering a new tempo via tap, like the El Capistan does? last question…ability to name presets (like the TimeFactor allows now)? seems like it’d be hard to keep track with that many banks…

  15. Are you just teasing with the ‘details not ready’ or are you still improving features? If the latter, please, let an expression pedal control two parameters, not just one, and let the trails continue when switching presets – or i’ll have to keep the pedals I need to sell to afford this. pleeeeeassse.

  16. Ethan – would I be right in guessing that you didn’t use tubes on this one because your modeling is basically so good, the tubes aren’t needed?

  17. I hope the reverb is included, perhaps on all models? Would be really cool if you could activate or deactivate the reverb independently of the delays, maybe using a favourite switch plugged into the exp jack and keeping the pedal in trails mode? Would mean a lot of players wouldn’t bother with any of these simple 1-knob verb pedals and could just buy the strymon favourite switch and have done with it!

  18. Eager for the details regarding looping. Fingers crossed for loop reversal and time manipulation without pitch adjustment.

  19. Oh how I wish all the modes from the El Cap were included in this. I would easily pay 50-100 more just to have an El Capistan with stereo in’s and outs and accurate BPM readout. *Sigh*

  20. When I said pitch adjustment I meant pitch correction….I am hoping for the pitch to change with the time…not auto correct the pitch when the loop is set to a new speed.

  21. Looks like the perfect delay pedal for my rig. I see it has midi in and out, but I’m wondering whether the looper (and delays) will respond to a midi clock. Not a lot of loopers have that option but to me it’s essential for using a looper with a live drummer. I had some good times syncing a looper to an Ableton Live setup.

  22. is there a strymon glass nexus coming too???? had both the previous dc timelines and glass nexus and loved them but way too big for my board! the new timeline looks a lot more useable and pedalboard friendly will be ordering one for sure!

  23. How many “presets” or saved setting will there be and how can you get to them? When do you plan on listing all the info (or at least some of the questions we’re all dying to know)? The presets question is most important to me and my friends, as it is between this and the Empress Superdelay.
    Thanks so much Ethan and I look forward to hearing back from you!

  24. I’m sorry, last question… how much power will it take? A lot of us have the Voodoo Power Plus 2 and I am hoping that it will work in one of the outputs… maybe 5 or 6 with the switch away from normal? That is the second most important question for me besides the presets questions… Thanks again guys! I’m going to go broke buying all your stuff

  25. And will you be able to use the tap tempo with the presets without having to use a midi controller? That was the only frustration I had with the first timeline.

  26. where is the love?

    at least say when you think it might be for sale… or how many units in the first run… or take pre-orders… or…

  27. We haven’t announced an official release date yet, but we’re shooting for April. We don’t have any way to take pre-orders, but if you sign up for our email newsletter you can be notified when they’re available:

    Thanks! 🙂

  28. Stay tuned for more info… we’re working on the TimeLine website which will include video, audio clips, features, specs and more.

  29. thanks ethan..

    sure wish i had one for the UK tour i’m doing in march. some decent exposure….you should let me tell you about it.

    i’m just sayin…. wouldn’t hurt to talk about it. you have my email, my friend.

    just sayin…

  30. First off…I cannot wait to buy one. This will crush every other digital delay out there. The Empress, the Nova, the TRex, DD20, DL4, or Timefactor will have nothing on this delay. Having owned a Timeline, a Brigadier and every other digital delay, nothing matches the tone of the Timeline…nothing. This will be an awesome pedal.

  31. So seriously guys – roughly how far into the future are you expecting that beauty to be available? And the 2nd batch (since there’s no way I’ll get in on the first 😉 ?
    Thanks mucho!

    1. @Mike – No release date yet, but we’re shooting for April. US street price is $449. We don’t have a way to take pre-orders—we’d rather not take anyone’s hard-earned cash before we have a pedal to ship. Best thing to do is sign up for our email newsletter and we’ll let you know when it’s available. Thanks!

  32. Very much looking forward to getting more information on this – i was planning on buying the empress, but think I will hold off unitl I see what this can do. Looks extremely promising. I just hope its not trying to do too much.

  33. hey ethan, will you be able to hold down the tap footswitch to get infinite repeats like on the el capistan? much appreciated, thanks!

  34. Really cool pedal. There are two tricks the eventide timefactor will do, that I need, but I’d much rather go with a timefactor because the strymon sound is so sweet!

    1) will this output midi clock info based on tap tempo so I can sync my synth?

    2) will the timeline take in an external tap source (like the cusack pedal tamer)?


  35. Is on my radar! One question, when in loop mode is there a delay available that can loop “with” the loop or is the loop signal otherwise totally “dry”. Thanks!

    1. @Jack – you can use the delay at the same time as the looper. And you can route the looper pre- or post-delay. Thanks!!

  36. I already have several earlier Damage Control products (Timeline, Womanizer, and several Liquid Blues (LB), with a couple of the LBs gifted to relatives and friends, but your new Strymon TimeLine looks VERY interesting, too! For a looper, though, it would be necessary to, of course, sync to Midi, but it would also be best to change the pitch of a recorded loop, as the incoming Midi clock tempo changes. Is that anywhere in your prioritization list for added capabilities (or, Dream on!, maybe even already planned – yeah, it would probably tax the CPU, with everything else going on)? Also, count me as another vote for sending and receiving Tap Tempo signals. REALLY looking forward to the pedal, THANKS!

  37. Hi Guys please update your blog it’s been more than a month since the last update, we are eager to see the new developments?

  38. Hello! Can i use looper function with preadjusted BPM for recording? I need to be in one time with my drummers metronome and no one damn looper haven’t this feature! Thans for answer 🙂

  39. Can we do all the El Capistan sound in this box? Cause I really dig all the spec of El Cap (bias control is great), but I need some more regular delay for other stuff… If this pedal can do all the El cap function, would save some space on my board!

  40. Just wondering if I will be able to use a favorite switch to switch between looper control and delay control? The ‘hold for two seconds’ to engage looper has been the only thing that keeps a dedicated looper on my board.

  41. Hi Ethan…..Could you let me know about the looper functions that the timeline will have…?


  42. Hey Ethan,
    I do a lot of playing in a worship band so my setlists are changing a few times a week. I was wondering if it was possible to store all the songs I play (one bank, 2 delay sounds per song) in the unit and recall them in a different order each time if needed.
    This is the most frustrating thing about my current delay that I have to reprogram the exact settings for the same song a few times a week.
    If this was able to be done (via midi i’m guessing…) I will sell organs/my firstborn etc to get this pedal!

  43. @Michael, Im in the same situation and need the banks for this as well.

    Question – after researching a bit and realizing that many of my current delay pedals can be run at a higher voltage, can the Timeline be run at 12V or 18V for increased headroom? Or is this not even an issue?

    Please release more details, I am eagerly waiting the chance to purchase this pedal…it will probably be the last one for me for a few years!

  44. Is an April release still looking likely? Or do I need to go on tranquilizers for another couple months?

  45. What midi pedal would you recommend for this, or are you planning to make on especially designed to work with it?

    Do you have any idea how much it will the Timeline will cost in Australia?

  46. Please let them work slowly and carefully because this is the only way to work well. If not, we’ll have problems with the unit and I don’t want that.

  47. Really simple question–What are the different modes selected by the rotary switch?
    This looks great! I think, outside of overdrive, reverb, and swell effects, that this could be the last pedal I’ll ever need based on the features I’ve herd rumors of!

    1. @Joe – TimeLine will street for $449 in the US. We don’t have an exact release date yet, but we’re shooting for late April / early May in the US.

  48. Quick question about the Trem Delay — will the tremolo speed be controllable via tap tempo? How are you all planning to have that work along with the delay exactly?

  49. Yes, being able to move around the presents simply for set changes would be awesome. Also, spillover within banks from say verse to chorus would take my business.

  50. I have a question about the reverse looper part of the timeline. Is it possible to have the speed of the loop play back respond to MIDI CC in such a way that MIDI CC = 127 corresponds to the regular forward speed of the loop, MIDI CC = 1 would be the same speed in reverse and values in between would give a continuous change between the two? In this scheme MIDI CC = 64 would be tempo = 0 and would behave like the the EHX freeze pedal.

  51. Will the timeline be usable at line levels in an FX loop or is it inst level only? I would like to use this in the FX loop of my Mesa Lonestar which is a pretty high line level and inst level fx can’t handle it.

  52. what are the subdivisions for each of the different delay types?
    is it possible to get dotted eight notes with every delay type?

  53. What are its limitations as a projectile?
    If I launch it at a drummer, what’s the ratio drummer damage to Timeline damage? Ideally it would be in the ballpark of about 15:1. Any lower than that and I’ll have to keep the Timeline on the floor and go back to throwing SM58s.

    1. @Andrew – TimeLine features lightweight yet heavy duty aluminum construction, along with metal knobs and rugged footswitches. While we can’t recommend launching TimeLine at any bandmates, our estimate is that TimeLine would easily stand up to this challenge.

  54. This sounds exciting! I was sold on the El Capistan but now ive seen this im unsure. I cant afford both just yet but i will have to try and get both before recording again. One thing in particular i am curious about, will it have a dynamic delay style feature like on the old 2290?? It would be great to have that dampening for the faster Petrucci style runs and then open up for more melodic stuff in la Gilmour. Thanks. Hope the UK release isnt to far behind the US 🙂

  55. will the timeline have the “tape condition” parameters able to be tweaked in dTape mode like the el capistan????? if it can do that its pretty much perfect. <3

  56. This pedal looks amazing but 30 seconds looping time is a bit short. Extending it to 60 seconds would be much better. Hope the looper can be synchronised to a drum machine via MIDI clock or by entering a BPM value.

  57. Please offer a pre-sale so I can pay, be in line, and know it’s coming when they are ready! Tired of looking on here and trying to figure out how I am going to get one.

  58. Must have… please. Now. Gonna die. I watched a vid on you tube and couldn’t believe what i was hearing and seeing.

  59. Ok guys, how about you keep our taste buds wet by answering some of the good questions listed here! My piggy bank is full, all I need is the “Buy Now” button to be activated!!!

  60. Oh wow… I was thinking about dropping for an El Capistan but I will definitely wait for this. This might be THE delay pedal I’ve been waiting for.

  61. Ethan, will the delay function like the el cap giving you the ability to morph your sounds in real time by twisting the knobs and get all the trippy real time smooth musical changes?

  62. I’m dying to buy this!
    I bought a MOOG E1 and I need this pedal!
    Release date?
    (drop the lex and finish the timeline first!!!!)


  63. Will the loop reverse be available for those of us that don’t use midi? Also, for the mod section, will we have the ability to choose LFO waveforms such as a sine wave with pauses? I’d appreciate any info, Thanks.

  64. are you planning to put up the manual prior to the release date?
    it would really help alleviate the suspension :o)

  65. First of all, What a great company. I own the ElCap and the Blue Sky replacing the Nova Verb and DL4. I am so excited to add the Timeline.

    A request if possible?

    Please try to add the Halfspeed and Reverse function in Loop mode. If possible, a bit reduction like the 8 bit (original EH 16 second delay) along with its modulation.

    Regardless, I’m sure the Timeline will be exquisite, I just know that all loop skilled players will “fully” embrace this if it had those features.

    Regards and keep up the good work


  66. Hey! i am very excited about this pedal! couple of questions..

    1. will there be easy to access presets for, say a live concert that needs to change delays quickly?

    2. The sounds in the youtube demo come standard on the timeline?

    Thank you so much. I will be purchasing one of these!

  67. Hey guys, this looks really promising. What is the looping time for this beast? I need a more in depth looper, the DL4 just isn’t cutting it. Can you tell me more about this feature?

  68. Hi Ethan,

    I am wondering can you change the actual type of delay? Example: Dotted 8th delay, 16th note, quarter note delay, etc…

    I didn’t see a knob for that… pleas let me know.



  69. i was about to get el capistan today or should i wait let me know your opinion what can the time line do to better

  70. I was using an Eventide TimeFactor, which is a pretty great pedal, but I was only using the Tape Echo setting, until I heard the El Capistan. A friend of mine who swears by his Echoplex, switched to the Capistan for gigs. Got the Capistan and haven’t looked back. The TimeLine, when it arrives, will be fantastic, I’m sure. If it does what the Capistan does and then some, look out! Great job, Strymon 🙂 Keep it up!

  71. Lucan, I wonder the same thing. Wait for more details about the TimeLine first before you make a purchase. It’s better to take in as much information as possible.

  72. I recently purchased your OB.1 and can’t believe how great it sounds. The compressor is definitely an “always one” pedal and the boost really does a great job pushing my amp over the edge. My setup is OVERLY simple..tuner-OB.1-AC Plus-and currently a Nova Delay. I’m waiting on your Timeline to take the Nova’s place to be my all in one mod/delay/looper. I normally don’t use modulation unless it’s coupled with delays/ sounds like this will be the perfect fit.

  73. How many milliamps will it draw? I am about to buy an isolated power supply and would like to “future proof” myself to be able to include a Timeline. Im guessing at least 250ma, but maybe 400? Please let the info out, so I don’t buy the wrong fancy pants power supply.

  74. I am still hoping that it is only 250 or 300ma so it will work with the Voodoo Pedal Power 2 Plus… Any way we could get a “for sure” on that? And man o man, when is it coming out? I know you just released the Rotary, but the rest of us can’t wait for the timeline… 🙂
    But seriously, I hope the power is around that. Have you tested it with a Voodoo Pedal Power 2 Plus?

  75. I can’t wait to add this to the board. Seems like I could viably sell off trem and chorus and have an amazingly programmable piece of hardware. If you guys need any folks to test things out…I’m just putting it out there.

  76. My kittens have suffered three, count, three heart attacks due to prolonged anticipation of the Timeline being released. Please, for the sake of the kittens, give us more info!

  77. Lucan, I have an El Cap and it is a GREAT pedal….I plan on getting a timeline or another El cap for my live rig as I need several different delay settings through the night, the quality not only of the sound of the El Cap but the fit and finish of the box itself gives one hope that we still do make the Good stuff here in the good ole US of A.

  78. Hey Paul— we don’t have exact power specs quite yet. We’re shooting for between 250mA and 350mA. We should have final specs shortly. Thanks!

  79. What type of expression pedal is compatible with the Timeline? Tap tempo or foot (wah, volume, etc.) type? This looks great and I think this pedal will be first on my birthday list, especially if it can take an external tap tempo switch, as I have other pedals on my board which I control from a tap tempo switch. I can’t wait ’til this releases!

  80. Another question……Can you control the “value” parameter via an expression pedal to switch banks? If you can then I don’t even care if you can’t control the tempo from an external switch; I will sell my kidney to get this stompbox!

  81. Please use your powers of awesomeness on the feedback loop options. Take that to the next level like everything else you do … or maybe on an update and ship this thing out sooner.

    The bpm display is a feature I have been looking for. Nice!

  82. Hey there. My inner child would like to know if he’s gonna have a new plaything for April, or if he should go back to sleep until May. He’s an impatient little bugger, but he’s the only one of the two of us who knows how to type, so he gets to ask annoying questions like this all the time. Thanks, Ethan.

  83. Is the Timeline going to mute the repeats when you tap the tempo?

    On the dBucket algo – is it still going to warp the repeats when you tap?

    These are some things I would love to see changed……

    Come to think of it, if you made the Brigadier respond to tapping in the way that the El Cap does, I would buy another. Having the repeats warp when a new tempo is tapped in is just totally unacceptable in a live setting. I would much rather the repeats be temporarily muted than waaarrrrrrpppp!!!

  84. Does this version of the Timeline have a ‘Direct Dry’ like it’s predecessor? ie. will the dry signal have zero latency?

  85. So what mode will allow you to go back to the future? or is it more like Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure?

  86. Um….. I would like to know when I can expect this pedal to come out. Heard rumors for the end of April which apparently hasn’t happened. I want to buy this pedal instead of buying an eventide. Your pedal is better than the eventide in my opinion, So any round about date of when it might come out?

  87. At first glance I didn’t notice there will be a choice for the user between stereo ins/outs and a feedback loop! That (the loop) was actually the only feature I thought the TimeLine would be missing… which it isn’t!

    Then there are all those sounds that can cover many other renowned delay and reverb territories (picth/shimmer, down octave, step sequencer, filter, and an algo that resembles a competition reverb – the one that has “gravity” in it’s parameters 😉 ).

    Can’t wait to hear the official samples. Hats off!

  88. Hey Ethan, I heard a rumor you’re pushing back your originally projected release estimate from late April/early May to late May/early June, is that correct? Oh, and just a humble request–make a bagillion of these right out of the gate so there will be plenty to go around and no one gets into an envious rage when all their friends have one but he missed out because he was 3min late in clicking the buy now button 🙂

  89. @Devan – We’re working as hard as we can to ship by the end of May, but worst case scenario it could be early June. It’s always difficult to predict small scale manufacturing, that’s why we’re unable to release a specific date. Keep an eye out for our email newsletter, that’s where we’ll announce TimeLine first.

  90. I am fine if it comes out at the end of the year but please just add a pre-order button so I can pay now, forget about it, and quit torturing myself checking back all the time. I mean don’t you want my money now…???

  91. Talk about creating demand: we’re like a bunch of starved rotweilers looking at steak dangling outside our lonely, dark, cold cages. WHEN IS IT GONNA END?????

  92. Ohhh sweet Jesus I was just kidding about getting the eventide, Hurry the Hell balls up I’m going on tour and I want this Pedal to come along………

  93. Will I be able to order one from Australia? The Australian distributors don’t even have all your current products, never mind new ones coming out..

  94. You need to release this pedal soon! Everytime I look at my pedalboard thinking how much cooler and sexier and better-sounding it would be with the Timeline! Hurry and release it, so I won’t need to spend the $450 on fixing my car instead!

  95. Will this be like the best of strymon pedals all put into one ultimate pedal? Or will each mode be fairly limited, so as not to cannibalize sales of the other pedals like el capistan? I don’t mind shelling out big bucks for an ultimate pedal, but am wondering if it only contains “presets” of other, more fully fledged pedals.

  96. Oh, one more thing, does the delay trail continue when you bypass the pedal or load another preset? And does the trem always have delays or can you use it as trem alone? Hope to hear a reply, thanks!

  97. @Ethan will you be able to control the “Value” via an expression pedal? An when you said that you could have an external tap tempo via MIDI, what MIDI controller would you recommend? As always thanks for getting back to me and I can’t wait ’til this comes out!

    1. @Joel – you can control any front panel knob (or combination of knobs) with an expression pedal. You can control the parameters accessed through the Value knob via MIDI.

  98. Remember that time there were 207 posts about the same thing and the manufacturers already told us that the email newsletter will tell us when its out and yet all these terdburglars keep checking the website as if strymon is gonna forget that they told us they would send an email when its ready. I’m sure if you all keep posting every day that it will arrive sooner.

  99. Two quick questions Ethan:
    1. Will the Timeline be future proof..another words..will it be able to accept software updates from you guys if you decide to make any improvements.

    2. Will the Voodoolab Iso 5 power it? I know there’s a 9v 300ma output on the Iso 5..wasn’t sure if that’s sufficient.


  100. I am in Europe. Can I buy directly from you? That’s because it is cheaper, it’s $642 here!

  101. Strymon and Damage Control making this pedal available for my soul is like jesus making wine from his blood that I had way to much of. Not really religious but if can have giant bunny leave color eggs in the night and thats the story of Christ then why cant I have a gold fish with a Timeline strapped to his back crawling out of me dirty soc sac. Im losing it. I WANT TO PAY NOW FOR IT. where the buynow button dammit.

  102. @Rob you’ve officially lost control of rational human behavior. Although it’s perfectly justifyable when new Strymon products are involved. And the cure is simple…three Timelines every four hours should do it. And remember to keep medicating for a week after the symptoms subside as per doctors recommendation.

  103. You know after watching those videos on you tube i guess there’s only one thing left to say…GOTTA HAVE IT!!!

  104. If there is a User Manual I can translated it into French. I am a professional technical translator. Please contact me if need be.

  105. Hi Ethan,

    Will the Timeline be able to do all the things the “el capistan” has to offer? If not what are the differences? AND WHY THE HECK NOT??? ha ha…

    Thanks in advance,

  106. @Sundance Kid, yes I’m aware of that and they only need to be basic for the current line up such as the El Cap which I already own…but the Timeline is so much more comprehensive that a full manual would be nice this time….Strymon ?

    Hope so because I’ve already got my name down for the Timeline !

  107. can you have two delays going at one time?? that would definitely make your product very competitive.

  108. @joseph… I’m hoping it can. In any event, if the timeline can do everything the “el capistan” can I’m going to sell all of my other delay/echo pedals an rack gear right away! ha ha, I’m ready to pull the trigger! I’m just waiting for a confirmation!!!

  109. @ joseph
    @ James O

    Yeah, I would like to know this too. Can the Timeline do what the El Capistan and/or Brigadier do in addition to extra feautres, or is it manifestly a different pedal that can’t replicate these effects and simply does something ‘different’? Cheers.

  110. AFAIK, the Timeline will offer all the functionality of the ‘Single Head’ mode from the El Capistan… potentially minus the spring reverb and hold features — no confirmation on that, I don’t think. And I’ve heard it’ll also offer everything on the Brigadier.

  111. Will the Time Line be able to switch from patch to patch via midi with out any latecy problem? Will it switch instantly with out any glitches? Reason i’m asking, this was the deal breaker with me on another popular Midi capable delay pedal. The slight pause when switching between programed patches screws with my tunes. My Old midi unit switches instantly, I am hopeing the Time line will do the same.

  112. @Cody – yes TimeLine will be updateable via MIDI.

    We don’t have the final power specs yet, so I can’t say for sure if a Voodoo ISO 5 will power TimeLine. We’ll have final power specs shortly.

  113. @Nick, @Pulpolo, @James O.:
    TimeLine at it’s core is a multidimensional digital delay with 12 unique and fully tweakable delay machines. The dTape mode within TimeLine will feature the Single head sliding machine, with full control over each parameter. If you’re looking for a dedicated tape echo experience, El Capistan is the answer, with it’s Multi-head modes, Fixed head modes, Sound on Sound, and spring reverb.

  114. @Joel – we’re working on external tap through the EXP jack as well (in addition to MIDI external tap).

  115. Thanks for getting back to us with regards to the previous thread, Ethan.

    I know you said in your reply to Chris that you have your international distribution agreements but it does suck we can’t buy direct from you guys. I live in Australia where I’m slogged an extra $100AUD for a blueSky or Brigadier and yet our dollar is currently stronger! Distribution and other costs surely shouldn’t inflate the local retail price by 33% (in this case but it does seem comparable). It seems like the middlemen are taking more than their fair share of fat here.

    I’m really excited by the pedals you guys make; they sound awesome on the YouTube demos and really stand out. However, the very big extra expense foreign customers appear to be getting slogged comes across as a bit of a slap in the face. I don’t know how much scope you have to work on your distribution agreements but I reckon reducing this expense for foregin customers may help open up your market a little. There are other options out there and they don’t seem to be suffer the same problem.

    Cheers and good luck.

    1. @Puopolo – Unfortunately many other manufacturers are in the exact same position, with similar differences in price. I have talked with our distributors and the cost differences primarily cover freight, customs, duties, and distribution to dealers. I will let our Australian distributor know your thoughts. You’re welcome to contact them as well— Thanks…

  116. @Ethan – You Rock! Thanks for being super helpful. I just got my “bluesky” in today and it is amazing.


  117. Hi Ethan,

    Thanks for posting my thoughts on distribution and your reply. I might get in contact with the distributor to get their feedback; it seems to me that most of the difference in expense is likely to be tied up here. It’s not an uncommon ‘problem’ here in Australia.

    All the best – can’t wait for the release of the TimeLine!

  118. I understand that you’re working on TimeLine videos, today. I can only assume that means we’re very close to the release date. I don’t have any money left for bribery but, if you’d be willing to email me a warning an hour or two before you make them available for purchase, I’d be willing to name all of my children “Ethan Tufts.”

    Think about it.

  119. F what Andrew said, Ethan if you let me know an hour or two before they go on sale I will scream out or name for a month every time me and girl get down to rut….

    Think About That!!!!!

    P.S. Is smoking in the shower while a wiener dog with giant nutts watches you considered frowned upon in texas?

  120. Ethan – have you guys thought about hiring more help? You have such amazing products and high demand, it might help you all to keep up! (hint, hint)

    I know when the TimeLine comes out, you’ll need like 50,000,000 of them, ’cause they gunna be sellin’ like hotcakes!

  121. @Zack: My belief is the less people you add to an equation the better the result. The guys at “Strymon” are doing a fine job. Think of it this way; You know all those gimmicky pedals that are a “let down”, that you aren’t waiting for? There are probably anywhere from 30-100’s of guys working hard in some factory God knows where to make them available to you at anytime or anywhere. This is where you get what you “pay/wait” for. 🙂 Don’t get me wrong I want the “TimeLine” just as bad as you my friend.

    Quality trumps Quantity every time!

    A good friend of mine shared with me: “in life people want things that are FAST, EXCELLENT, or CHEAP, what they don’t realize is they can only have 2 of those 3.

    It’s very rare to have an exception to this rule.

  122. @Todd: That would be an excellent addition!

    @Ethan: If you did add the infinite repeats is it possible to let midi do it to? I will be controlling the TimeLine when I get it via midi (if of coarse I can), will you make tap tempo a CC value and if so will I need a momentary or latching style footswitch?

  123. @James O. I’m thinking you may have to re-word that bit of advice. If I can have two of the three, I’ll choose FAST and EXCELLENT! 🙂 And @Ethan, can you guys send out a Tweet when you post the clips of the TL? I’d love to hear them as soon as they’re available!

  124. @Devan: No reword needed, if you want it Fast and Excellent gunna have to pay for it, cuz it wont be cheap. That’s it…

  125. This pedal looks FANTASTIC! I have a very specific need, though, and I’m wondering if this pedal can address it: Does this pedal have looping capabilities, and–I notice the MIDI in/out–can you can multiple TimeLines together via MIDI to synchronize loops? I.e. can one pedal function as a master loop, and then other pedals would slave to that loop via MIDI clock?

  126. In the last comment, I left out a word, sorry: My question should have read: “can you CHAIN multiple TimeLines together?” Thanks…

  127. I need a multi-effects processor and it looks like I might buy a Boss GT-10. Strymon, can you please release these features as soon as possible? I want to know if this is exactly what I’m looking for instead of the GT-10. And I only have 1 month of vacation left so I really hope that this gets released soon.

  128. @Kevin Hmmmm….you know the Timeline is just a delay pedal right? It’s not gonna have distortion, amp modeling, dedicated modulation, etc. that the GT-10 has. The TL is a multi-type delay pedal, not a multi-effects pedal.

  129. @Kevin, if you are looking for a multi-effects unit the “TimeLine” will not help you. Devan is absolutely correct by saying you wont get anything more than delay with the TimeLine.

    However, if you are looking for a really good multi-effect unit I would highly recommend the Line6 podHD500. It’s similar in price, but the sound in my opinion is superior to the Boss/Roland comparable. I have personally used it and put it through the ringer and it was durable and dependable.

    Let me add, there is nothing like building a pedalboard (pedal by pedal) and running it through a kick-butt tube amp, and I’m sure a lot of the guys here will agree. I know that it can get pricey, but there is no comparison. None of it: Line6/fractal/Roland/Boss/Avid, is like the real thing! No matter what the company tells ya.

    I hope that helps you Kevin, and the best of luck to ya!

  130. @James O, I agree 100% about building a board pedal by pedal. I started out 5 years ago with a multi effects unit (digitech gnx4). I know modelers have come a long way since then but I’ve heard the news ones too. As you said, there is still no comparison to getting the actual equipment that the multi effects units are trying to emulate.

    The multi effects unit did teach me a lot about what sounds I wanted though. And it was convenient for practice purposes. But the tone of my pedals is just better. I did miss the ability to use presets when I switched to individual pedals, which is why I just bought a voodoo lab switching system. Now I have the tone I want with the flexibility of presets. The Timeline is the final pedal I need to complete the setup. Just a few more weeks hopefully!

  131. My tax return is slowly getting drunk away, Sooooo I need the release to be now or else i might have to work and I dont want to do that so you kinda see the deliema im having. OMG I didnt know this pedal was just a delay pedal Oh Nooooo I thought it was a cheesy multiple effects pedal what im I going to do with my 68 strat into my 63 vibroverb I wanted to ruin my tone.

  132. I guess my needs are not in this product as I already have the old Damage Control Timeline (My first pedal!). I’m never getting rid of it and still enjoy to make a groove with it every now and then.

  133. @Zack- No big deal man, what exactly don’t you agree with? (Not to get into a lengthy debate) just want to hear from a different perspective.

  134. Just heard the Blue Sky and it is absolutely beautiful.I will be adding that pedal and running it in my effects loop of my Two Rock. I as well am waiting on this Timeline to be released and am curious how close will it sound to the Damage Control tone ? I am sure it will be over the top. Waiting in line.

  135. @James O – I just thought your opinion was one sided, that’s all. While I do agree that quality control, etc. can suffer as a company grows, it doesn’t mean that is has to. I believe a company can grow and still maintain their ability to produce a quality product.

    In my experience the more passionate and gifted/talented people you pool on a project, the better the outcome. Collaborative effort usually always trumps individual effort.

    Strymon would just have to find the right people and the right method for growth. I simply didn’t agree with you saying it wasn’t possible.

  136. @Zack… I think you’re correct in what you’re saying, but that you and James O are talking about two different things.

    Myself… I’ve got a multi-effects pedal on board, and it’s cool, but I find it kind of cumbersome to adjust outside the presets, and I do think audio quality (not necessarily build quality) suffers when too much is crammed into one circuit board. I’m on the edge of my seat, ready to drop the Timeline into the mix as the ‘effect of choice’ for Delay.

    Can we get a little eye/ear candy on the Timeline? I buy pretty much exclusively online because the closest music store is an hour’s drive, and the more demos/feature walkthroughs the better!

  137. @Tim, Zack is referring to an older post of mine in regards to major chain manufacturer as opposed to a smaller company such as “Strymon”.

    @Zack: I see where you are coming from and yes I agree with the idea the more talented panel of people the better a product should be, however (and this may not always be correct) the more people, talented or not you have working together the bigger chances of compromise due to multi-vision outlook. Where as the smaller amount of people the more focused things tend to be. I see where you are coming from, and I really don’t even disagree with you I just think we are both looking at the same thing, but from different points of view. I suppose my opinion may seem a little 2 dimensional, but I think in some cases I’m correct.

    Here are some companies that I think prove my point:

    *Not everything from these guys are bad, but they show trends of quantity not quality. These are heavy hitters in the music business.*

  138. Strymon, if you do not release the Timeline soon, many of your followers will begin arguing and fighting one another over meaningless, non-Timeline related posts. Oh wait…it already happened!

    Please release it soon!

  139. I’m sure they are tweaking the crap out of it to make sure it meets there expectation of superior build. It will be worth the wait for it to turn out to be the last delay we ever need to purchase.It will make my Two Rock sound even better than I can imagine and that also goes for my Fuchs ODS/SLX 30 watt combo with a great reverb but I will be adding the Strymon Blue Sky and this Timeline when it comes out.It should sound awesome with my Brown Note DLite 44 as well.I will also be sending my board back to Trailer Trash Custom Pedalboards and have him replace certain pedals with these.Once I get a Strymon on my board,I’m sure my guitar afficiondo buddies will be adding to their boards too!!!

  140. Speaking of wandering off on non-TimeLine threads… I decided to get working on picking up a good reverb while waiting for TimeLine. So I head to Ebay to see how cheap I can get BlueSky. There’s only one active auction … with 3 days left on the auction, it’s bidding higher than they can buy direct. Crazy.

    Seems to be a common thing for Strymon pedals … Most folks that get their hands on them don’t go off and auction them later, they keep ’em – that says something.

  141. Ok Fellows, It is officially the end of May which was put out there as a release date for the Timeline. Can you at least tell us how close you are to the release?

  142. @Alex: Your a genius, At least if we do get off the subject of the product, It should be something like how are pants are getting more and more chub filled everyday waiting for the massive release.

  143. Just a guess, but the giveaway for the “first timeline” doesn’t end until May 31st. So I’m not expecting to hear any news until that day at the soonest. Hopefully we’ll hear something around then. Sooner would be great though. In fairness to Strymon, the last estimated release date I saw them put out was late May/early June. So that’s something to keep in mind as well.

  144. Guitar Guitar in the U.K. said that they were due in by the end of June. All of the European distributors have been saying June for a while, I was just hoping that is was early June.

  145. From what I’ve read and seen, 99% of people who buy Strymon pedals love them to death, and it certainly says something about the company’s rep and product quality. $450 for the Timeline is a steal when compared to the $230 for the DD-20 (I bought it 2-3 Christmases ago and it was $200….) This pedal sounds light-years ahead of anything that big corporations like Boss attempt to do. While I love my DD-20 to death, I know the Timeline will easily clean the floor with it. Just having that many presets is phenomenal. And while I look on this website at least 3 times a day, hoping that I’ll get a chance to buy a pedal from the first batch, I’m glad they take the time and effort to make such quality products. Kudos, Strymon!

  146. Man, that Timeline would look awesome on my board. I know some folks that will buy that pedal as soon as they hear it on my board! Some gear snobs!! But hey, I wouldn’t mind winning that pedal too. Then I can buy a Lex.Well a three day weekend will help the wait. Good luck Strymon brothers!!!

  147. Ticking away the moments that make up a dull day. Fritter and waste the hours in an off-hand way …………….Hurry up! I’m not getting any younger, and the NAMM clips have been haunting me since the start of the year. 😉

    Thankfully my El Cap keeps me calm. Imagine the bliss when I have both the Cap and the Timeline! Keep up the great work guys.

  148. @James O. Ethan told me that they’re going to add external tap tempo control. But then again, he also said that this would be for sale a month ago, and then claimed that it would be out now…


    Just kidding – Ethan said he’s working on the external tap tempo feature. And, Strymon, I know you guys are doing your best to finish this (and I know its a lot more work than just soldering up some circuit boards) but you did claim at one point that the Timeline would be released by late April/early May and then extended that to late May/early June (I think May 29 counts as “late May/early June”) so please release this soon!

  149. Hey Ethan, I miss you…I haven’t read any your sweet words in a while…I’ll bet you’re busy building the best delay pedal ever created…so I guess I understand.

  150. @Joel: Thanks man!

    @Devan: Ya, where the heck are you Ethan?!?

    @Ethan: Any conformation on external tap tempo???

  151. Jason O….

    Technology has caught up with amps/pedals.
    I love them also, but in the right hands and with the right ears tweaking you can’t tell the difference.


  152. How many are you making on the first run?
    Just curious if I should be checking my e-mail every 30 seconds for the next couple of days…

  153. @Alex. I concur. I’ve bought, unpackaged, and sold a lot of delays. Boss stuff is ok, and so is the nova stuff by TC, but just the mere flexibility and sonic quality of these pedals makes them worth far beyond the asking price. Take your time, Strymon. Your products are great and I can’t wait to buy and never again lust after another delay pedal – well, that is, until you put out another one, which I will then buy to put next to my Timeline.

  154. James, I hear ya man. I’ve got my iPhone ringer set to high to hear the emails coming in. As you can imagine, it can be a real burden, but hey…… Isn’t it worth it? 🙂

  155. Hey all! So we are working our tails off putting the finishing touches on TimeLine. We don’t have an exact release date but we are getting closer. We’ve got all of the parts, the metal chassis are being built, anodized, and laser etched, and we’re just about to start building circuit boards in quantity. We’re working on presets. Playing with the looper. Audio and quality testing. We’re testing the MIDI functionality. We’ve got tons of audio clips and videos that will be going live over the next couple days.

    We’re in the home stretch, and we’ll keep you in the loop on our progress.

    Thanks for being as excited about TimeLine as we are! 🙂

  156. Ethan, can the Timeline be used as a midi controller? ie on A and B patches it sends out midi CC, and on bypass it sends out midi CC?


  157. So I literally just dreamed about the TimeLine release…more like a nightmare. Though I was notified within minutes of it’s release, my computer was too slow and it sold out before I got through the checkout process. Lol. I have issues 🙂

  158. Haha! I did too! I dreamed I won the TimeLine #0001 giveaway, but since I just had surgery on my fret hand and elbow (for real, just 2 days ago), I couldn’t do anything cool with it right away… so I recorded some beatboxing and vocals through it… a thank-you poem to Strymon. So… if you knew me, you’d know that means zero rhythm and kindergarten-level lyrics… I woke up in a cold sweat thinking I’d actually posted it online somewhere 🙂

  159. oh, while im asking the questions, any specific midi controllers its compatable with?? midi mouse???? or will anything likely do??

    1. @Carlos – the manual will most likely be available a few days before we ship. TimeLine has MIDI in/out (and selectable thru) so it should be compatible with just about any controller. MIDI mouse is a good choice. 🙂

  160. If you havent heard back from the winner yet, he must not need/want it all that badly…I guess you can just give it to me instead 😉

  161. I’ve listened to your videos and they sound really great. The guitarist is not only good but he knows what to play to highlight the equipment and not himself. Rare!

    The Damage Control Demonizer sounds awesome also. Since this is discontinued, what do you recommend to record in stereo and have this warm sound? Thank you.

  162. Ethan:- Will you be able to hold down a switch to enable infinite repeats like El Capistan? This would make it “infinitely” more useful to me!

  163. You can do this (it’s in the videos). I don’t know if this has been posted anywhere but does anyone know the max. delay times?

  164. Those guys of strymon not only work extremely hard in my view they are also perfectionists who make a heavenly dream come true at planet earth as it comes to tone and more. And they have the discipline to be patient. To only release a product when it is good. Not earlier. They take the time to do it first time right instead of launching beta stuff with a lot of quality issues. Good job guys of strymon and a massive amount of compliments for your beautiful botique pedals. ruud wagenaar from holland

  165. @ruud wagenaarsays – Yes I agree 100% and I wish more companies worked like that these days!

    Companies talk a lot about quality but they make poor products. It seems Strymon is not doing that and I think there’s a future for such a policy.

  166. Ethan, I was just wondering if you know how large your first run will be. Do you think there will be enough for those of us chomping at the bit for a Timeline? Also, any update on the progress?

  167. @Ethan – Had a quick question. I’m wondering if there’s any way to reorder saved presets/banks? This would mean I could save settings for all the songs I play and reorder them into sets as needed. Is this possible without a MIDI controller?

  168. Ethan, I know you can set the trails to continue from one bank when you’ve switched to another one. but will you have any control over this trail while being in the second bank?

  169. Last saturday i experienced the el capistan. 3 hours play at musicstore feedback in eindhoven. But beside it’s a great botique pedal I can’t wait for the king himself: Mr Timeline when will you see the light? Waiting is an exercise to be patient….

  170. Hi Ethan – Do you think the Timeline way ever have the ‘Fixed head’ mode added to dTape like on El Capistan? i Wouldn’t ask if El Capistan had Midi then I buy one of them too 🙂

  171. Stop asking Ethan questions lol! The more you ask him questions the longer the release is delayed!! And I don’t think we can take another month of waiting!!

  172. Oh my god this is getting to be unbearable! I hope you guys release it at a decent time so us West coasters aren’t still asleep and miss out on the sale.

  173. It has just been released in some countries (USA, Canada, etc.) because I’ve just received the newsletter saying so. But in Europe we have to wait for another 30 to 60 days…

    I hope to see videos and read feedback from the first users!

  174. The TL keeps being postponed in Europe. It was end of July, then early August, then end of August, now mid-September… 🙁

  175. the shop here in italy where I use to buy told that next tuesday the TL should be available. Possible? I’ll let you know.

  176. I made a preorder purchase this weekend through one of Make’n Music – one of Strymon’s retailers. I wish I knew when they were shipping. The retailer has no word at all when they will be able to fulfill the order. Has anyone heard news on shipping of the Timeline?

  177. Last time I was just too late to buy one from fist batch. I was at a cruise in Greece without internet. But….Dear Strymon, what is the most likely date that the second batch of timelines will become available for sale?

    best regards
    ruud from Holland

  178. Hi,

    I live in Europe and I hear from Thomann that you have again postponed the delivery to 7 October. Is that date reliable?


    1. Hi Chris, we’ve had some slowdowns with our metal supplier and will be shipping more TimeLine pedals to Europe as soon as we can. Thanks!

  179. Would you have an approximate shipping date? Thomann’s site says now 4 November and the are clearly unreliable for that.

  180. Hello,

    I live in Australia and this pedal took the spot of the Eventide Timefactor I was going to buy in a few weeks.
    Will this pedal be available in Australia and if so, will it be available soon?
    It’s not that I’m in a hurry it’s just that very few cool things come to Australia.


  181. What’s going on with production? No TL in Europe… For the 9th time the release date was postponed to late November instead of early Nov…

    1. Hi Chris—we had made a large shipment to our European dealers about a month or so ago, and this unfortunately did not satisfy all of the demand within Europe. We are working our tails off building more TimeLine pedals and will be making another shipment as soon as we can. We don’t have any control over how many pre-orders our European dealers take, which can affect the availability date that they publish. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

    1. Hey there, yes you can use the looper without delays on if you like. Just make sure you’re set to buffered bypass. Thanks!

  182. @Tommy, you can press and hold the channel button down for infinite repeats or you can save a preset with the repeat parameter set to it’s maximum position.

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