This Week’s Preset: BigSky “Waves” from Palo Alto

Preset - BigSky Reverb

Matt Gakovic from the band Palo Alto recently posted this video on Instagram. I loved the preset and the vibe of the song.

A video posted by matthew gaković (@sparrovic) on

Matt shared with us:

“A friend of mine lent it to me to help him figure out some spacey/dreamlike sounds, as my band, Palo Alto, is a dream pop/psychedelic band that have really tried to capture a dreamy sound.
So as I started working through the pedal, I had an idea to go after an ‘ocean like’ dreamy sound. Next thing you know, I was there jamming with my drummer with this setting and we just got lost in the space of the preset.

I immediately fell in love with the ‘Shimmer’ setting and starting tinkering with the harmony parameters. This clearly isn’t a regular reverb pedal, it has a unique sound and abilities.

I really connected with the preset I created on an emotional level because music isn’t simply systematic, it connects with people on a deep level and the BigSky compliments that beautifully for people who think music is more than just sounds. It caused me to think about issues and realities that really matter, which is what led me to talking about waves as a representation for hard times, and how without them we wouldn’t be alive.”


The image below shows the knob settings and parameters for the preset.

Palo Alto BigSky Waves Preset


Check out Palo Alto on:

Download the preset:

Using the Strymon Librarian or our new Nixie preset editor?  Download the preset and load it into your BigSky.

What do you think?

Made your own tweaks to this preset? Post them below. Are there other preset types that you’d like to see in upcoming blog posts? Let us know what you think. Thanks!


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