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What we’ve been listening to

We’ve always got some music playing here in the Strymon labs. As we approach the completion of our new TimeLine delay, we have been burning the midnight oil and it’s always great to have some killer songs to keep us company. Here’s what has been in our musical rotation over the last few weeks:

Pete – DSP/Sound Design, co-founder

Soundtrack to the movie Shine

About pianist David Helfgott (a fascinating story in itself). The soundtrack features not only great piano performances, but an amazing orchestral score by David Hirschfelder that is interweaved throughout. [Movie wiki]

Kansas – Leftoverture

Kerry Livgren created a masterpiece that needs to be experienced from start to finish in one listening session. [YouTube playlist]

Colin Hay – Going Somewhere

A great songwriter and storyteller, not to mention a skilled acoustic guitarist with an instantly recognizable voice. [Official site]


Ethan – Marketing Nerd

Subtle – Exiting Arm

I love this band. Impossible to categorize… extremely textural, experimental beats and weird guitars, low-fi/alt hip-hop rap/indie vocalizing, synths, drum machines, and laptops. Each of their albums takes you to a place where you’ve never been before. One of the most creative group of musicians I can think of. [Official site]

Drive Like Jehu – Yank Crime

I don’t anticipate that I’ll ever get sick of this album. The guitars on this album sound so sick. Super unique guitar playing. And I wish I could sing like Ric Froberg. [YouTube playlist]

Matthew Larsen and the Documents – Apheresis

Ok, so I was involved in this one! Matt is a grade school friend, and he recently asked me to mix and master his debut album. The album is deep and full of heavy emotion—much of it was written about his experiences overcoming his second bout with Hodgkins Lymphoma. I just love this album. Features a slew of great Western Massachusetts musicians and Matt’s awesome voice and piano style. [Official site]


Jake – Support/Shipping

From Indian LakesFrom Indian Lakes – The Man With Wooden Legs

Probably one of my favorite albums of all time. This band’s musical ability is far beyond their years. A truly mature and developed sound. [Official site]

The Ghost Inside, Returners

A really solid melodic hardcore album. Really encouraging and Inspiring lyrics and a great mood throughout the album. [Official site]

Dance Gavin Dance, Downtown Battle Mountain II

DGD’s sixth album (if you count the instrumental demos from 2008). It’s really fun and catchy, but still maintains a soulful post-hardcore base to the music. With Jonny Craig and Jon Mess back as the main vocalists, and Jon Mess as the main lyricist again, it finally feels/sounds like Dance Gavin Dance again. [Facebook page]

Dave – Firmware Architect, co-founder

Rush – Exit Stage Left
I’m gearing up for the June 22nd show! [YouTube playlist]


Just dig it. [YouTube playlist]


AC/DC – “Hells Bells” from the album Back in Black
Exposing my son to the classics. [YouTube vid]



Gregg – Analog Design, co-founder

At home I get a good dose of mid 70’s Black Sabbath, Muse and Radiohead from the kids.

For me, I play the occasional Nick Drake, Porcupine Tree, Jeff Beck, Deep Purple, UFO and Uli Roth era Scorpions.




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5 Responses

  1. Hi, Just a comment on Kerry Livgren with Kansas. He did an album in the early 80s and I think his group was called AD then.
    He had a song on there called “Walking on a Timeline”. Thought you would like to know that.

  2. It’s interesting to discover the musical tastes of your amazing Strymon engineers…the musical roots that drive your company to invent devices that help create new and unique sounds to the delight of musician worldwide! You ROCK!!

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