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We are working our tails off building TimeLine pedals. Circuit boards are coming together. We’re hoping to have the metal chassis built, anodized, and laser etched within the next week or so. We’re nearly finished with presets. Audio and quality testing. We’re testing the MIDI functionality. All around making sure we can make the absolute best pedal we can, and make them in quantities to meet expected demand. We do still have a fair amount of work to do, but we’re getting close. Thanks for your patience, and thanks for being as excited about TimeLine as we are!

Building TimeLine pedals

Building TimeLine pedals

About Ethan Tufts
Ethan Tufts Ethan Tufts is Strymon’s marketing guy and noisemaker. He spends most of his time using loopers and drenching everything in delay. He has owned 29 cars and is actively looking for his 30th.

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  1. Nic Lake says:

    Estimations on how many you will be making in the initial run?

  2. Baggas says:

    Promising news. can’t wait!

  3. Ryan Nelson says:

    Thanks for working so hard on getting this right. You guys are a are on a whole different level than any other pedal companies. Thanks for the update!! I have already converted 10 or more of my friends to Strymon. They are selling their Boss, EHX, TC Electronics, Line 6, and others as quick as they can. My favorite response was when my friend said this Pedal scares the hell out of him because it can do so much.

  4. Erik says:

    Please don’t ever change guys. Your customer service and products are absolutely first class, and that’s not something that you see often nowadays. Thank you for existing.

  5. COSMOGANG says:

    I am very glad that there are so many units ready for the first run. Maybe I can snag one.

  6. Patrick says:

    I would recommend estimating that number for demand pretty high ;).

  7. Beau says:

    My bday is tomorrow! I know they won’t be ready then, but I hope you guys have plenty in stock… My paypal is oozing to give you money!!! This pedal will be in a universe far superior to any we’ve ever known.

  8. Jeff says:

    I really annoyed. I’ve waited all this time for the new Timeline and now I found out it won’t even make expressos?! Will it at least include the ability to time travel? It’s not just me – a lot of guys on The Gear Page are really upset about lack of expresso functionality…

    How does it feel to be building the greatest delay pedal EVER?

  9. Nathanael says:

    The fact that I didn’t read this until 2 hours after it was posted terrifies me. It seems checking up on progress 15-20 times a day isn’t frequent enough!

  10. Beau says:

    Well I calculated approx. from just looking at the pictures at least 390 in the main rack… 13 in ea. row, by 5 rows wide, by 6 total shelves… NOT including the rack we can barely see. So, you should have at minimum 500, if not another 500 we don’t see in the pics.

    Just saying.

  11. Chris says:

    Take to time to work well and do it right the first time.

  12. Toinou says:

    Can’t wait to receive the one I ordered !!!

  13. Keith says:

    Well, DUH, of COURSE it time-travels. It’s called TIME-line after all!

    That’s funny, I was doing the exact thing! Let’s see, there are twelve per tray, five tray’s per rack…..

  14. Kyle says:

    You guys are releasing awesome pedals faster than I can acquire them! I still need to score a BSR, but one of these is very intriguing.

  15. Fran says:

    Keith, thirteen per tray… we’ve got it under control, hahaha…

  16. Dave says:

    Ahhh! This is torture!

    But the good kind. Can’t wait.

  17. FannieBoisBois says:

    Silly little fanbois numerologists. 705ms somehow means a 7/5 release date. What’s next you silly bois? The 6 shelves of 13 Timelines was carefully composed to reflect 6/13, the date of this very blog post?

    Just to think of all the tender nascent bedroom ponderers unsteadily caressing dotted 8 notes in waves of shuddering joygasm, thinking of the fruitiful prose they will compose for their forum BFFs, while pros and gigging amateurs nervously twitch at the thought of missing the first 390, or was it 780 in the astrological cards?


  18. Jason says:

    Kure Kure takora!!

  19. Keith says:

    I suppose there was a point in there somewhere?

  20. Shawn says:

    How many you’re making, double it! We’ll buy them all!

  21. Charles says:

    It’s the swell and the ability to fully smear that I so look forward to using. Mix in some dry and I ought to be right there with what I’ve long sought > fully hiding repeats. The demos of swell sound so smooth and dimensional…like a lush, ethereal reverb. Deep gratitude to Strymon for making this specific ‘machine’ one of the potentials of this pedal. Stokage predominates.

  22. T3R says:


  23. s. borges says:

    URGH!!! The wait is killing me!!!!!

  24. Donovan says:

    can. not. wait.

  25. Rob says:

    I would like to Buy Now Please!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Joseph Ferrari says:

    So…, mid July then?

  27. Rob says:

    Do you need more help or something I would love to help slap those cases on those boards, whats the deal we have been looking at these racks full of timeline’s somebody put the chassis on for Christ sake…

  28. BT says:

    This is such BS, I waited months and sat here at as soon as it went on sale and they are gone.

    • Ethan says:

      We’re very sorry that missed out. This was by far the largest pedal build that we’ve ever done (we’ve been building TimeLine pedals for weeks), and we didn’t expect them to sell through so quickly. We’re already hard at work on our second build, and will post them for sale as soon as we can. We’re a very small company (just 6 people) building our pedals by hand here in the US, and are doing our very best to meet demand.

  29. joel says:

    Hi! i dont know if this is the right place to ask but i’m considering ordering a timeline but would like to know aproximately how long do i have to wait before it gets shipped? thanks in advance

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