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Artist Feature: Yoga


Ambient music has long been a go-to source for yoga practitioners and instructors to enhance the benefits of yoga practice. As more and more musicians discover the benefits of yoga – some even becoming instructors themselves – live performance of meditative music is finding its way into many yoga classrooms and outdoor retreats. In this special edition of Artist Feature, we highlight a few of the folks sharing their music online specifically for individual and group yoga practice. May you find yourself inspired to take a few relaxing deep breaths and maybe even try an asana or two.

ARLI  provides the perfect dreamy and soothing soundscape for this live group yoga event in New York. The drone and sweet, gentle melody of this piece are the perfect soundtrack for the full-body relaxation of the asana or pose called Shavasana, Savasana, or Corpse Pose.



Yoga is front and center in “Yoga Lesson #1” from Perry Frank. Instructor Maura Cappai moves through a series yoga poses as Perry plays “Another Place Another Time” live in the background. The shimmery swells and harmonies of the song provide the perfect complement to the flow and calm of Maura’s practice. A part of Perry’s ambient session series, the music heard in this video is “exclusively live and belongs to that moment in time.” Mobius, Timeline, and blueSky were used in the creation of the track as well as the magic and power of groovy socks.

Guitarists, in particular, are prone to neck, shoulder, and hand issues especially when one has been playing for years. This extended yoga jam from Quist was made to be used for yoga practice or meditation. “Yoga has become a HUGE help to me in recent years,” he explains in the video’s description. “It can naturally fix aches and pains from working with music and playing the guitar… it’s basically THE best solution I’ve found.” A shorter, 20-minute track is also available in the video description.

To learn more about the style and types of yoga (as well as its many benefits for back, shoulder, neck, and hand issues) check out the Yoga 101 page from the Yoga Journal.

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