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Best of 2011: Strymon TimeLine!

Nice! Premier Guitar has included our TimeLine delay as one of their Best of 2011 products! Here’s what they had to say:

“At this point, we could probably call Strymon relentless. This mad scientists’ club of tone-tweaking kooks keeps obliterating expectations about how analog digital signal processing can sound. But they’re also happy to exploit digital’s potential to explore more exotic sounds and analog emulations in the same unit. And that breadth of vision births wonders like the TimeLine, a studio-grade Delay that leaves few permutations of the effect unexplored in a package that’s surprisingly easy to navigate.

Strymon’s amazing tape delay emulation technology is just one of the delay options on a menu that runs from analog delay staples to super-out-there intergalactic textures. It’s full of cool preset capabilities, filters, and modulation for coloring your repeats. It also has an all-around, can-do aura that we found ‘infinitely tweakable to suit a musical situation.’ This is one tough-to-top delay.”

:: Read the full article here.

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