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Intro to MIDI for Pedalboards

TimeLine MIDIStrymon Firmware Engineer (and resident Jeep repair expert) Dave Fruehling recently contributed an article for the September 2013 issue of Premier Guitar magazine. The topic? MIDI! And how you don’t necessarily need to fear it!

“MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) is an oft-maligned, yet cherished technology. Today, more and more guitarists are joining in the fun by using the MIDI features included with many of their pedals. Once you learn a few basic things about MIDI, you don’t have to fear it. Instead you can use MIDI to add some very cool and useful functionality to your rig.”

Head on over to the Premier Guitar site to read the whole article:

Read the article


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9 Responses

  1. Hi Strymon people,

    I really like your machines, I am a very happy owner of Mobius and I am looking forward to get the new reverb unit as well.
    One problem which is slowing down my efforts to buy one right away lies in the trivial fact that you build in the MIDI jacks in a way (most?all?) angled plugs cannot be used. This is very frustrating as you know space and headroom on almost every pedalboard are essential.
    Besides kindly asking if you would mind for any reason to build in the jacks turned over a 180 degrees I would like to ask you to name me a manufacturer who produces MIDI cables with angled plugs on only one side.

    KInd regards,

  2. I’ve pulled my new Timeline out the box, best tape-emulator and more besides. I feel soft control prog could make up for no hardcopy user manual.
    This could increase studio use and appeal?
    Has an authentic tone and approachable character exceeding Eventide’s Timefactor for my taste.

    1. @Graham’s Cat – Thanks for the feedback on a software editor for the TimeLine. We do have a .pdf download for the full user manual in the support section of the website which you can print out if needed.

  3. Hi. Maybe not the best palce to write.

    I am new to Stymon, and 100% a midi beginner.

    I have a Big Sky, TImeline and Sunset.

    Can I control the patches on the TImeline and the favourite on the sunet using the patches stored in the bigsky?

    Or which small midi switcher would you recomend?

    regards David

    1. Hey there David,

      You can use BigSky’s MIDI PC function to send patch changes to TimeLine and Sunset. If you want a small MIDI controller, there are a lot of options, but our customers seem to like those made by Boss, Morningstar, and Disaster Area. Feel free to email us at [email protected] if you have any more questions regarding MIDI or need any gear suggestions.

  4. I connected my Time line with mid cable to my Boss ES8 switching from preset to preset goes well but unfortunately the time settings stays unchanged? Does Anybody recognize this problem?

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