blueSky With Almost Any Synth You Can Think Of!

bluesky with synths and keyboards

As many of you already know, we love listening your songs, demos, and sound experiments. Because of that we come across a lot of great videos. I recently thought it might be fun to go through all of your videos that combine blueSky with synths and keyboards. There were a lot. I didn’t want to […]

Artist Feature: Gina Gleason

Strymon Artist Feature - Gina Gleason

A love for all-things-pedal effects can often be a powerful force of attraction between guitarists. All those conversations about sounds and gear can provide the perfect creative springboard for an inspired and long-lasting musical partnership. Such is the case for Philadelphia’s Baroness, a band known for its crunchy hard guitar sound and melodic grooves. The […]

The Many Sounds of Magneto: Your Videos and Photos

Strymon Magneto Four Head dTape Echo & Looper eurorack delay module

We couldn’t be more thrilled to hear the sonic landscapes Magneto has inspired folks to create since the dTape Echo and Looper Eurorack module made its official debut this past January. Thank you for sharing and tagging your Magneto demos and photos so we can see them. We’ve watched so many wonderful Magneto videos since […]

Artist Feature: Jazz

Jazz posts fill the internet with a plethora of creative and impressive performances of everything from swing, latin, fusion, and beyond. Whether you prefer the Gypsy stylings of players like Django Reinhardt or the polyrhythms and syncopation of fusion we hope you’ll find something to enjoy (or discover!) in the posts below. Riverside shows off […]

Artist Feature: Strymon Holiday Sounds – Jingle All the Way!

Artist Feature: Jingle all the way!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…Why? Because it’s time for our annual Strymon Holiday Sounds Artist Feature. Happy Holidays everyone! We always look forward to this part of the year because so many of you post such beautiful and innovative interpretations of holiday music. We’ve been gathering holiday-themed posts for last few months […]

Artist Feature: Modular Synths (Second Edition)

Strymon Artist Feature: Modular Synths

As we noted in our first Modular Synth post, Strymon pedals aren’t just for guitarists. In addition to bassists, vocalists and percussionists, our pedals are being put to interesting and downright innovative use by modular synth musicians and enthusiasts worldwide. In fact, we’ve discovered so many wonderful Strymon-tagged modular synth clips online since that first post, […]

Artist Feature: Yoga

Strymon Artist Feature: Yoga

Ambient music has long been a go-to source for yoga practitioners and instructors to enhance the benefits of yoga practice. As more and more musicians discover the benefits of yoga – some even becoming instructors themselves – live performance of meditative music is finding its way into many yoga classrooms and outdoor retreats. In this […]

Artist Feature: Unconventional Creativity

Today’s Artist Feature is all about the unconventional. What would a wire chair sound like if it were translated into music? What does an exploding ball of yarn sound like? Find out as we dip into videos and clips that step beyond the conventional ideas of composition and video. Creativity has no limits or boundaries […]

Artist Feature: Shimmer Reverb

Strymon Artist Feature - Shimmer Reverb

With so many great Strymon-tagged Shimmer posts out there, we thought it was high time to give Shimmer reverb and its many fans some love in this edition of Artist Feature. From the other-worldly sounds of Monochrome Seasons to the symphonic swells from Carlos De Cunha you’ll find a little bit of everything in the […]

Artist Feature: Cover Songs Take 3

Strymon Artist Feature: Cover Songs Take 3

In this edition of the Artist Feature, we venture back into the realm of all things cover song. What I love most about an interesting cover is the new insight it can provide into a song I’ve taken for granted, either musically or lyrically. A gender swap of lead vocals can cast lyric meaning in […]