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Introducing Nixie 2 Public Beta!

Greetings folks! Today we’re very pleased to announce the release of the Public Beta version of our Nixie 2 pedal management software!

For those who aren’t familiar, the original version of Nixie is compatible with BigSky, TimeLine and Mobius, and it works great for deep editing and patch management for those three pedals. However, we’ve always wanted to provide compatibility with a much wider range of Strymon products and add new features that would allow us to streamline our software offerings in general.

Nixie 2 is a brand-new, “built-from-the-ground-up” suite of applications that will eventually become the central hub of your Strymon universe. Soon you won’t need separate apps to manage your pedals – no separate Strymon Update or Impulse Manager for Iridium – you’ll just connect your pedals to Nixie 2 and let it sort you out. It will eventually handle firmware updates, impulse response management, patch import and backups (basically everything), so we’re very excited for the future!

It IS a complex thing though, and it’s taking awhile to get right. We’ve come up with a new communication spec to make sure that everything works properly, but it requires changes to both the software and each individual pedal’s firmware, so it’s a big task. It’s going to take some time for us to reach full compatibility, so please be aware that this initial beta version only supports Cloudburst, Iridium (no IR management yet), BigSky, TimeLine and Mobius. We’ll let you know more about the timeline for all of this stuff when we have something definitive to share.


Please download the newest version of Strymon Update and use it to bring your Strymon pedals to the latest version of firmware before loading Nixie 2 for the first time. Using Strymon Update won’t be necessary for forever, but for now it’s the safest option.

Key features of Nixie 2:

Dial In Your Settings
Now you can manage parameters, presets and firmware updates for your Strymon pedals in a totally new way – right from your computer – and you can see the controls move in real time.

Back Up Your Presets
You can back up the entire contents of your pedals with one button press, so you’ll always have your favorite sounds right where you need them, even if your Iridium gets run over by a truck and you have to replace it.

Connect Multiple Pedals
You don’t have to connect just one pedal at a time – Nixie can talk to a pile of devices all at once, so connect them all and choose which one to manage by the device list on the left side of the screen.

Full Compatibility Coming Soon
A reminder that the first release only supports Iridium, Cloudburst, BigSky, Timeline and Mobius. Compatibility with more pedals is coming soon, so stay tuned!

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7 Responses

  1. Nixie 2 doesn´t work. The tool didn´t find my Bigsky. Nixie 1 does it well… hmm?
    After a while I get an error message.
    >>>>>>>>>>>>>> QUSTION: How can I uninstall Nixie 2 ??? <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    All the best


    1. Sorry to hear you had issues, Bernd! If you have the time, we’d love to get more info as to what you experienced if you wouldn’t mind shooting us an email to [email protected].

      The steps to uninstall Nixie 2 depend on what operating system you’re using.

      To uninstall the app on a Mac on a Windows computer, check these steps out:

      To uninstall the app on a Mac, you can follow the instructions here:

      Feel free to email our support team with any further issues or questions.

    1. Ah…that was going to be my question. It seems Mojave has been cast aside for the Cloudburst as well. I just tried updating the firmware using Strymon Update v0.1.8.3, the only available version that is compatible with Mojave, and it doesn’t recognize a powered, connected Cloudburst. I’ve come to expect Apple’s commitment to forced hardware obsolescence via software (and vice versa), and I’m sorry to see Strymon jumping on that bandwagon.

  2. This is taking a really long time to update with compatibility for other devices. I cannot even connect Brig. When will we get an update? Generally for a beta, I would expect 6 weeks, not 6 months, between updates. And that is being generous since it has been 6 months and no signs of a new update.

  3. When can we expect to see Nixie 2 updated to have full control of BigSky MX? It’s been six months. At this point where BigSky MX is concerned, Nixie 2 is a simple MIDI data dump. As far as computer programming goes, this is not that challenging.

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