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How do you pan the playback heads on Volante?

Panning the Heads

Each of the 4 heads can be panned anywhere in the range from hard-left to hard-right in the stereo field when using Volante’s outputs in stereo.

  • Press and hold the feedback button for the desired head you would like to pan.
  • While holding down the feedback button, turn the TIME knob left or right of the 12 o’clock noon position to set the panning for that head.
    • For centered panning, turn the TIME knob to the 12 o’clock noon position and the corresponding playback button for that head will light up RED.
  • Release the feedback button.

Additional Info on Panning

  • The panning setting for each head is savable independently per preset.
  • When the playback heads are panned, they will always be heard with the panning that it was set to for each of the feedback buttons that are engaged.  For example, if you have 2 heads panned to opposite sides, you will always hear each head with the respective panning that you have set them to. At times it may sound like the repeats from these 2 panned heads sound centered, but that is only because you are hearing both of the playback heads play back at the same time as their respective tap divisions can land on top of each other after a few repeats (dependent on the SPACING setting).
  • The feedback buttons provide repeat for all heads, not just the playback head associated with the selected feedback head.  This way, if you want 4 delay repeats per quarter note, you engage all 4 playback heads, but just feedback 4 to hear all 4 heads play back for every quarter note repeat that passes.