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Get the most out of your gear with our latest firmware.

How To Update

Updating your Strymon pedals has never been simpler.

To start, download the latest version of Strymon Update, connect your pedals, and click “Install Update”.

For specific instructions on connecting your pedal to Strymon Update, click here.

Download Strymon Update

Download for macOS 11.6 or higher

Download for Windows 10 or higher

Using Strymon Update

Latest Firmware

BigSky — v1.49 Release Notes
Cloudburst — v1.21 Release Notes
Compadre — v1.05 Release Notes
Deco V2 — v1.22 Release Notes
DIG V2 — v1.25 Release Notes
El Capistan — v1.22 Release Notes
Flint V2 — v1.19 Release Notes
Iridium — v1.32 Release Notes
Lex V2 — v1.19 Release Notes
Magneto — v1.14 Release Notes
Mobius — v1.39 Release Notes
NightSky — v1.07 Release Notes
Riverside — v1.27 Release Notes
Sunset — v1.23 Release Notes
TimeLine — v1.88 Release Notes
Volante — v1.18 Release Notes

If your product is on the firmware listed above, no firmware update is needed.

You can check what firmware version you are on by connecting to Strymon Update. You can also check firmware version on BigSky, Mobius, and TimeLine by clicking here.

Connection instructions

Below are details on connecting each kind of Strymon pedal to Strymon Update.

BigSky, Mobius, and TimeLine

In order to connect your pedal to Strymon Update, you must use a robust MIDI to USB interface with developed drivers for your computer’s specific operating system version.

We recommend using our own Strymon Conduit MIDI interface. Some third party MIDI Interfaces that will work with our products are the Roland UM-ONE or Yamaha UX-16.

Make sure to connect the MIDI OUT from your interface to the MIDI IN port of your Strymon pedal and the MIDI IN from the MIDI interface to the MIDI OUT port on your Strymon pedal, as shown in this illustration.

Compadre, Riverside, and Sunset

Compadre, Riverside, and Sunset all have internal USB-micro connections. To access them, simply remove the four screws on the bottom of the pedal, and connect to the USB port on the right side of the pedal. Please note that you need to use a USB-micro cable with data transfer capability. USB-micro cables with charging only capability will not work for updating.

Strymon Sunset and Strymon Riverside

Pedals With A USB Connection

For pedals with a visible USB connection (blueSky V2, Brig, Cloudburst, Deco V2, DIG V2, El Capistan V2, Flint V2, Iridium, Lex V2, NightSky, UltraViolet, Volante, and Zelzah) simply connect a USB cable from the onboard USB connection to your computer.

Eurorack Modules

Strymon Eurorack modules can be updated via a USB-mini jack on the back of the modules.

Strymon StarLab Eurorack Module shown in blue and black panel finishes.

Need Help?

If you have any questions, or need help updating your Strymon pedals, please feel free to contact us and we can help out:

[email protected].