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Let’s Build A Pedalboard!

Who doesn’t love a good pedalboard build video?

Join us on our latest adventure as our very own Sean Halley puts together a new pedalboard to highlight the newest additions to the Strymon lineup: our new-generation blueSky, Deco, DIG, El Capistan, Flint, and Lex.

We go over just about every aspect of the art of building boards — from pedal selection, signal path, MIDI, and even Velcro types (exciting, right?). We sure think so, although we do love all things pedals here at Strymon!

Whether your pedalboard is less of a board and more of a pile of cables and daisy chains thrown on the floor, or you have a rig more complex than a space station, we hope you’ll find the video insightful and entertaining. Enjoy the show!

Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments! We’d love to hear your feedback, and any ideas for content you want to see!

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3 Responses

  1. I always had the desire to combine the acoustic and the electric world into one portable pedalboard and one acoustic amp (AER Compact Mobile). For most of the set, I play a Martin J40 or Gibson J45 acoustic but thanks to the lately added Strymon Iridium I can now play a few songs with the Electric (Gibson 335 or Fender Telecaster). I still have not found the correct solution to make the Iridium sound decent. My acoustic preamp is the BIX Grace design, followed by a reverb into a Boss looper with a few backing tracks which essentially acts as a mixer merging together the stomp pedal (bumped up by the old Fishman pre) and the guitar signal. The Iridium is first in the chain but should probably be after the BIX pre-amp, or it should be in the BIX effects loop together with the tuner and the sexdrive? hmmm… Any thoughts? Thanks

  2. To the Strymon team
    Earlier this year l was introduced to the Strymon TimeLine, so l bought one, this took me into Strymons blog on how to build a pedalboard, something that l had never planned on doing, in the past years I’ve had a few effects but once I watched Strymon’s demonstration on how to build a pedalboard and how multiple effects offered so many unique sounds to music, It gave me the confidence that l would not regret my investment into my own Strymon pedalboard, so what started with the Strymon TimeLine, is now up to 10 Strymon effects plus Strymon Zuma, Conduit midi hubs.

    David Hilton

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