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Lex Rotary – a preview

Coming soon… Lex Rotary.

Lex Rotary - a preview

Stay tuned for the Rotary Speaker Technology white paper and sound samples. More info on the sound, tonal flexibility and the range of controls coming soon.

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14 Responses

  1. Wow…there it is. I can’t wait.

    Slow/fast like the Tap functionality? Expression pedal input?

    So many questions! Super stoked for this thing to land.

  2. I hope you keep making pedals that won’t disappoint , make sure you guys get it right before it is realesed to the public to buy , you are killing my bank account , LOL

  3. That sounds very good and is nothing less than I’d expect from you guys. I can’t wait to slip that Lex in there next to El Cap on my board. Thank You

  4. As I said on the other post, it would be great for guitarist if this would “stop” the “horn” facing “forward” — virtually speaking.

    John (owner of a rugged old 142 that I’m getting too old to cart around)

  5. I am definitely buying an El Capistan when I get back to the States.

    This pedal looks very promising as well. I will want to compare it against the H&K Tube Rotosphere pedal. If your pedal can outperform the Tube Rotosphere *and* beat it’s price point, you’ve got yourself a true lifelong advocate and customer.

    Looks like you’ve already got it beat on pedal board real estate. That’s definitely a plus.

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