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Sunset Dual Overdrive: Photos and More

Sunset Dual Overdrive has inspired more than music and demos these last few months. We’ve seen so many colorful and creative images of Sunset out in the natural world that we thought we’d share a few of our discoveries with you here.

A nice little artful pic of Sunset in motion by Anthony Valenti

Sunset looks like it’s a natural part of the Istanbul skyline in this gorgeous shot taken by kivilcimmuzik.

Izzi Frontman captures the perfect palette of reds and gold in this photo of Sunset, sea, and sky.

Sunset is at the heart of this pedal board snapshot from Mario Tripo.

Lucan Garcia “tweaking” of his new Sunset sure sounds like some good smoking blues to us.

Will Hansen shares “Stay Gold,” an original composition featuring both sides of Sunset Dual Overdrive.

Some really nice playing from Raihan Krishna in this cover of “Domino Line” by Casiopea.

Want to see and learn more? We have a Sunset Dual Overdrive playlist on the Strymon YouTube channel that you should definitely check out. Have a Sunset pic or video of your own? Make sure to tag us when you post so we can see it.

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3 Responses

  1. Nice shots, they all look really good. I’ve been using an oscilloscope during my favorite songs to study the frequency. There’s always so much to take in when it comes to music.

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